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Lana Rose Biography: Net Worth, Age


Lana rose biography and net worth is a article created to discuss about the famous Dubai born lana rose.

In this article i will share some interesting information about the famous america Singer and YouTuber. This article discuss lana rose biography, Early life and Net worth.

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Who is Lana Rose

Lana rose is Famous Singer and Youtuber, she is siblings of the popular Minecraft Gaming content creator Mo vlogs.

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Lana Rose Early life

Lana rose was born on September 21, 1989, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. She was raised in Dubai with her parents. She live with her siblings Mo vlogs.

Lana Rose Career

The famous Singer and vloger started her career as vloger in 2011 with intentions to teaching costematic instrumental.

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After few years she started uploading video about cosmetic. She have many views on her video’s.

In 2018 she begin her music career.released a collection of music recordings such as “Feel So Genuine” with 2.7 million views, “Don’t Allow Me To Fall” with 912k views, “Gucci” with 2.7 million views, and “Supervisor up” in January with 1.7 million views.

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Lana Rose Net Worth

Lana rose is a notorious vlogger and singer, she has net worth of $4 million according to online genius revenue calculator.


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