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Bitcoin Casinos: Are They Legal In Nigerian


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Are Bitcoin casinos legal in Nigeria?

Among the reasons why people love playing casino games is the satisfaction of winning huge prizes. With this, several bettors spend their free time playing at land-based casinos. But with technological advancements, online casinos are made available for a much affordable and accessible betting experience.

Since the first online casino opened its virtual doors in the early 1990s, online casino sites continue to take players by storm. With online casinos, there is a wide roster of slots and live dealer games to choose from. They are also available anytime and anywhere as long as there is a stable internet connection.

The accessibility of online casinos can be enjoyed in different countries, including African nations like Nigeria. Several players are looking for a regular or crypto casino for Nigerians where they can safely place their bets. With the increasing curiosity about the wonders of online casino gaming, here is a closer look at the legalities of crypto casinos in Nigeria.

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Legality and popularity of online casinos

Except for a few online casinos that are allowed to operate, casino games are outlawed in Nigeria. This made several online casinos accept Nigerian players without issue. This was made possible by adhering to some gambling regulations posted by the government.

As a result of the legalization of online casinos in several African nations, the Nigerian government fully authorized certain sites to operate by 2016. Even though there are no clear restrictions regarding its full legality, several players in the country love playing at online casinos.

Several Nigerians have already signed up for online casinos even though it is not yet fully legalized. Now, there are more Nigerians who enjoy taking part in the industry compared to when it was first introduced.

Legality of Bitcoin

In Nigeria, cryptocurrencies are not considered illegal but they are unregulated. This means that people can engage in crypto transactions without being apprehended by the authorities.

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The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has released a statement saying that all financial institutions should avoid facilitating crypto transactions. All financial institutions were also instructed that those who engage in such activities will have their accounts closed. Despite that, there are a lot of Nigerians who still use Bitcoin and other coins in the country.

Advantages of playing in Bitcoin casinos

There are several advantages when betting using Bitcoin. Here are some of them:

Fast transactions

Crypto transactions are faster and more efficient since they can be completed in a few minutes because there are no intermediaries. This simply means that the funds are directly sent to the receiver.

Low transaction fees

Bitcoin transactions are efficient and cheap. Compared to fiat currencies, transactions made using BTC do not cost too much. This is because coins such as BTC are decentralized which cancels out the use of third party merchants.

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Increased anonymity

The decentralization of BTC allows players to make private transactions to the point of allowing them to stay anonymous. Bitcoin casinos also ensure players that all their transactions won’t be reflected on their bank statements.

Bitcoin casinos in Nigeria

There are several Bitcoin casinos that accept Nigerian players on their sites. On these sites, players can win prizes by betting on their favourite games using their digital assets. Here are some reputable Bitcoin casinos that operate in Nigeria:






By learning more about the legalities of crypto casino for Nigerians, players can have a safe betting experience as they become more aware of where they wish to play. With this, players will also know their limits when playing slots and other casino games while still abiding by the law.


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