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Tesla Net Worth: Shareholders, Owner


Tesla is one one of most valuable company in the world with market value close to $1 trillion. In this article i will discuss about Revenue generate from the world popular electrical car manufacture brand tesla.

Tesla, Inc. is an American electric vehicle and clean energy company based in Austin , Texas , United States . Tesla designs andmanufactures electric cars, battery energy storage from home to grid-scale , solar panels and solar roof tiles.

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The company had the most sales of battery electric
vehicles and plug-in electric vehicles, capturing 16% of the plug-in market (which includes plug-in hybrids ) and 23% of the battery-electric (purely electric) market. Through its subsidiary Tesla Energy , the company develops and is a major installer of photovoltaic systems in the United States.

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Tesla Energy is also one of the largest global suppliers of battery energy storage systems, with 3 gigawatt-hours (GWh) installed in 2020.

Tesla Estimated Income

Revenue US$ 31.5 billion (2020)
Operating income US$2 billion (2020)
Net income US$721 million (2020)
Total assets US$52.2 billion (2020)
Total equity US$22.2 billion (2020)

Tesla Net Worth

the estimated revenue from tesla as for 2020 is $31.5 billion. The tesla operating income as for 2020 is $2 billion.

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The total asset of tesla as for 2020 is $52.2 billion and tesla total equity is $22.2 billion.

The estimated Net worth of most popular electrical car manufacture and solar battery is closely to $1 trillion. And that makes tesla one of most market value company in the world.


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