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How To Get eNaira speed wallet


How to get eNaira wallet is documents created to discuss and give guideline how to open successful eNaira speed wallet.

eNaira Speed Wallet is a fast and convenient way to
conduct financial transactions. Click this link to Download eNaira speed wallet.

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How To Open eNaira speed wallet

Step 1: Download e-Naira Speed Wallet.

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Step 2: Click on “Signup” to Register with eNaira speed wallet

Step 3: Select your bank/e-Naira Partner.Example: access bank, Zenith bank and others

Step 4: Imput Phone number

Step 5: create password.

Step 6: Enter the following: First name, Surname, Date of birth, State of Origin, Account number tied to
your Bank, and BVN.

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Step 7: On successful validation, of the above details, a wallet activation mail is sent to the email address tied to your BVN.

Step 8: Go to registered mailbox and confirm receipt of email.

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Step 9: Click on “Active Wallet” to confirm your email and activate your speed e-Naira Wallet.

Step 10: Enter your surname and password to login to the e-Naira Speed Wallet.


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