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How To Fund eNaira speed wallet


How to fund eNaira speed wallet is original documents created to discuss simple guide to fund your eNaira speed wallet.

For new eNaira speed wallet user I will provide you with simple procedure to fund eNaira wallet follow this article to end.

 How to fund eNaira speed wallet, how mining eNaira speed wallet

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How Fund eNaira speed wallet

Step 1: Download Your Bank Mobile App

Step 2: Sign up or Sign in to Your Mobile Banking app

Step 3: Locate and click on the eNaira quick button on your mobile app.

Step 4: Select eNaira Account type: (Individual or Merchant)

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Step 5: Select Transfer type: Transfer to My eNaira or Withdraw from my eNaira

Step 6: Enter your eNaira wallet username (That is Your BVN- linked e-Mail address eg nupemelody@live.com)

Step 7: Enter your eNaira Wallet Password

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Step 8: Add remarks then click continue where applicable

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Step 9: Provide the correct authentication requirement such as transaction pin or token for your mobile/Online banking.

Congratulations your eNaira speed wallet is successful funded.


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