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How To Become eNaira Merchant [Guide]


How to become eNaira merchant is documents created to discuss and provide guideline how to become successful eNaira merchant.

 how to become eNaira merchant, how to become eNaira agent

What is eNaira merchant ?

eNaira Merchants are individuals or businesses
authorized by the CBN to render eNaira service to
potential customers. eNaira Merchant must have a
physical outlet for operation.

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How To Become eNaira merchant

For every individual or organization intend to become eNaira merchant must contact his/her bank customer care to request eNaira merchant Application form. The form is totally free, no charge.

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The form is expected to be filled with necessary information required.

The eNaira merchant Application form is expected to be summit to CBN for approval.

The application should be sent to the CBN’s Directorate of Banking and Payments System Department in Abuja.

The following information is required by the CBN in order to become a licensed Merchant:

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1. The applicant’s name

2. Telephone number/address for correspondence/email

3. Number/certificate of the company’s registration

4. Number for Bank Verification

5. Information on Know Your Customer (KYC)

6. The eNaira Merchant’s responsibilities include eNaira deposit and transfer.

7. Payment of bills (utilities, taxes, tenement rates,
subscription, etc.).

8. Salary payments are made.

9. Inquiry into the balance.

10. The mini statement is created and issued.

11. Agent mobile banking/payments services

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12. The repayment of debts.

13. Customers’ bank mail/correspondence.

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According to central bank of Nigeria guideline, eNaira speed wallet can be link to bank account so that it can be covert real time Naira in to digital currency for transactions. The eNaira will be accepted as a form of payment by all merchants and businesses across the country.


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