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Amina Doko Biography: Net Worth, Age, Phone Number


Amina doko biography and networth is article created to discuss interesting fact about the famous nupe actress Amina doko.

Who Is Amina Doko

Amina Doko is nupe singer , actress , director and producers. She is wife to famous nupe singer prince Mk baagi.

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Early Life

Amina Doko was born in Doko, lavun local government area of Niger state. She attended her primary and secondary school in bida.

Amina Doko Career

Amina Doko is famous singer and actress who stated her singing and acting career under white heart Entertainment. She has many songs record under the label and features in some nupe movies.

Amina Doko Net Worth

Amina Doko is popular nupe singer and actress who is been releasing hit after hit across nupe land together with her husband prince Mk has Total net worth of $20, 000.


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