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Sibi Selina Tested Biography: Net Worth, Age


Do you want to know who is sibi ? Follow this article to end to know sibi biography, Net Worth, Education, Tribe and Girlfriend.

Who is Sibi Of Selina Tested

Sibi is also know with real name Sibi Steve, he is Nigeria actor, vocalist, photographer, he is one of biggest actor in selina tested.

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Sibi Background

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Sibi Steve was born in Creek town, Cross River State and raised and lived in port Harcourt. He attended his both primary and secondary school in port Harcourt. He is member of Lightweight Entertainment.

Sibi Role Act in Selina Tested

Sibi is character of Selina tested, he was born in holy ground grow up together his friend chiboy.

On the long run Chiboy and sibi who were friends has an issues. Them both have attack each other on several encounter and that lead sibi to killed chiboy mother and ran out of holy ground.

After that sibi go ahead and want to become Selina Tested, he is ready to battle with chiboy.

Sibi Net Worth

Sibi is Nigeria actor and singer also photographer who is currently member of lightweight entertainment has net worth of $300,000.


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