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Beelalgy Biography: Net Worth, Phone Number


Do you want to know Beelalgy biography and net worth, tribe, religion and phone number? If yes, keep reading this article as I will discuss beelalgy biography and all you need to know about beelalgy.

Beelalgy Biography

Beelalgy is a Nigeria Instagram celebrity and fashion designer, he is also a model agent. In this era Beelalgy is making wave in Northern part of Nigeria with fashion cloth’s. Recently Beelalgy trended in Nigeria over a police uniform, as he get embrace by Nigeria police Academy students.

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Beelalgy Background

Bilal Ado Gaya popularly known as beelalgy was born in kano state and hail from kano. Beelalgy who is young model attended his primary and secondary school in kano state.

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Beelalgy Instagram

Beelalgy is famous young Instagram celebrity, he was hail in kano state. Beelalgy is one most popular young arewa star in Instagram with huge follower’s. Beelalgy has approximately followers of 661k. Follow him here.

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Beelalgy Net Worth

Beelalgy who is social media and Instagram celebrity and model agent has approximately net worth between range of $20,000 to $150,000.

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