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Jeff Bezos Quotes: Money, Innovation, Business, Leadership


I’ve compiled collection of Jeff Bezos quotes about money, life, weight, leadership, opportunity, business for you to get motivation and take action.

Jeff Bezos is an American business magnate , media proprietor, and investor. Bezos is the founder and executive chairman of Amazon, having previously served as chairman, president and CEO of the company. With a net worth of more than $200 billion as of June 2021, he is the richest person in the world according to both Forbes and Bloomberg ‘s Billionaires Index.

Jeff Bezos quotes about money, success, business, innovation

If you take time and go through this quotes from the richest entrepreneur in the world Jeff Bezos you will probably learn from it.

Jeff Bezos Quotes About Opportunity and Mindset

1. “Your margin is my opportunity.” – Jeff Bezos

2. “If you decide that you’re going to do only the things you know are going to work, you’re going to leave a lot of opportunity on the table.” – Jeff Bezos

3. “Life’s too short to hang out with people who aren’t resourceful.” – Jeff Bezos

4. “People who are right most of the time are people who change their minds often.” – Jeff Bezos

5. “The thing that motivates me is a very common form of motivation. And that is, with other folks counting on me, it’s so easy to be motivated.” – Jeff Bezos

6. “One of the huge mistakes people make is that they try to force an interest on themselves. You don’t choose your passion; your passion chooses you.” – Jeff Bezos

7. “Cleverness is a gift, kindness is a choice.” – Jeff

Jeff Bezos Quotes About Business

1. “A brand for a company is like a reputation for a
person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.” – Jeff Bezos

2. “The common question that gets asked in business is, ‘why?’ That’s a good question, but an equally valid question is, ‘why not?’” – Jeff Bezos

3. “A company shouldn’t get addicted to being shiny,
because shiny doesn’t last.” – Jeff Bezos

4. “You don’t want to negotiate the price of simple
things you buy every day.” – Jeff Bezos

5. “If you do build a great experience, customers tell
each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful.” – Jeff Bezos

6. “The best customer service is if the customer doesn’t need to call you, doesn’t need to talk to you. It just works.” – Jeff Bezos

7. “What’s dangerous is not to evolve.” – Jeff Bezos

8. “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.” – Jeff Bezos

9. “Obsess about customers, not competitors.” – Jeff Bezos.


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