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Zainab Indomie Biography: Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Instagram


Zainab idomi is Nigeria and kannywood actress, filmmaker, she is famous and beautiful actress, she is well knwon for her excellent interpretation of roles and that makes her stands out among the rest.

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Zainab Indomi Background

Zainab Abdullahi ( May 17, 1996 ) was born in Abuja and raised in Abuja but origin from Sudan .

Zainab attend her primary and secondary school in Abuja, she study computer science from polytechnic.

Zainab Indomi Career

zainab Indomi who is famous and beautiful kannywood actress started her career at teenage age, she joined Hausa film in 2008.

Zainab appear in ‘Wali-Jam’, ‘Ali’, Garinmu Da Zafi’ and other’s

After short time zainab Indomi disappear from kannywood film and no where to be found which rumors have been round that she is died, after some years zainab return back to continue with acting in kannywood which fans that she is alive.


Zainab has appear in many film and below are few of the movies she was features as follow

Yar Agadez

Adon Gari

Bana Bakwai


Fataken Dare


Ina Nan

Kundin Tsari

Rai Dai


Romeo da Jamila

Sani Nake So

Son Mai So


Zainab Indomi Net worth

Zainab Indomi who is famous and most beautiful actress has net worth of $


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