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Mr 442 Biography: Wiki, Net Worth, Age


Mr 442 is Nigeria afro-pop and hip hop artist. He is songwriter, recording artist, perform artist. He was regard as most controversial northern artist.

Mr 442 is Nigeria entrepreneur and trends artist in recent time he rose to fame after releasing his single zindir which he calaim to be in love with famous kannywood actress Maryam booth.

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Mr 442 Background

Mubarak Abdulkarim (born 13 Sept 1995) was born in Kaduna and raises in Kaduna . he attended his both primary and secondary school in kaduna. He studies sociology at the American University of Adonai Benin republic

Mr 442 Career

Mr 442 who is Nigeria entrepreneur and songwriter claimed to joined Northern Nigeria music industry to take to next level. He mixed his styles of music with western culture due to exposure of households in Nigeria.

Mr 442 has record many single to his stage name and also work with many artisl like Lil frosh, , Teeswagg, Zinolesky and others.

Mr 442 Songs



Soro soke

Bura uba


Sai Monday

Mr 442 Net Worth

Mr 442 who is Nigeria Music and controversial artist has net worth of $50,000


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