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Lsvee Biography And Net Worth, Age, Awards


Levee is Nigeria hip hop artist, video director, songwriter. He is finest northern rapper and his style of hip hop is quite different with other’s. He associate’s with other top hausa rapper like Dj Abba, Teeswagg, Sboy. He was signed to Northern Pandora.

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Lsvee Background

Luckman Alhassan ( born in 1992 ) professional known as Lsvee, he was born in Kaduna raised in Abuja, he attended his both primary and secondary school in Kaduna, he is graduate of computer science from Alqalam University Katsina.

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Lsvee Career

Lsvee who is indigenous hiphop artist based in Kaduna started to pursue his music in years back. his recent hit tracks are Kudin Makarantana featuring DJ Ab and Akwati Dozen has becoming topic of discussion in everywhere in Nigeria, currently Lsvee is amoung the North most promising artist. As he claims to keep making hit back to back.

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Lsvee Net Worth

Lsvee is a Nigeria and Hausa hiphop artist who currently making wave in music scene, he has net worth of $30,000


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