Home Video Umar M Shareef – Tsuntuwa Album Full Film (Official Video)

Umar M Shareef – Tsuntuwa Album Full Film (Official Video)

A young boy fell in love with a girl who for the first time he sets his eyes on,as faith built up on him.not fully knowing who she was..and this incubates the beginning of his love story (tsintsuwa)

The young boy kept on dreaming about the girl who he fell in love with at first sight ,as day by day his love for her springs up but yet to be in his grasp.till one day he found out that she was his school mate.

knowing that she was his school mate,the young boy still couldn’t walk up to convey his heart feelings for her .then he decided to compose his heartfelt for her as a song and delivered to her included with his contact details.

Tsuntuwa starring

Umar M Shareef

Hassana Ahmed

Nasir Saddiq

Directed by Mustapha M Shareef

You can get Umar M. Shareef :

Twitter : @Mshareef_
Instagram: @Umarmshareef LEVEL UP with Vusi Nova https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PH0wg4e91Ak

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