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Maher Zain – Forgive Me Music Album (Full Audio Tracks)

Maher Zain – Forgive Me Music Album (Full Audio Tracks)
(English/International music version)
© Awakening Records on 2 April 2012.
To buy the album (iTunes, Amazon… etc): http://www.maherzain.com/store

I Love You So 00:01
Number One for Me 4:34
Mawlaya 08:52
My Little Girl (feat. Aya Zain) 13:41
Forgive Me 18:13
One Big Family 21:45
Assalamu Alayka 25:50
Paradise 30:02
Masha Allah 34:07
Radhitu Billahi Rabba 38:04
Freedom 42:59
So Soon 46:39
Muhammad (Waheshna) 51:45
Guide Me All the Way 56:20

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